Avenium Engineering are the exclusive agent & distributor for Sofis products in the UK, and we are proud to now offer their revolutionary portable valve actuator – Power Wrench.

The Power Wrench allows operators to open and close manual, multi-turn valves with ease. Valves that require, in some cases, hundreds of rotations to fully open and close, leave operators fatigued and in some cases, with injuries due to the excessive forces required to operate older valves. The Power Wrench eliminates this problem and allows users to open these valves effortlessly. This not only increases the safety of your operatives, but allows you to increase the efficiency of your workforce.

The Power Wrench is simple to install and operate:

  1. The universal drive plate is installed onto the existing valve hand-wheel using U-bolts
  2. The Power Wrench is connected to a nearby air supply
  3. The operator is ready to open or close the valve